Wodehouse on Outlining

“Writing my stories I enjoy. It is the thinking them out that is apt to blot the sunshine from my life.”

— PG Wodehouse

PG Wodehouse  (Author/Playwright/Screenwriter) (1881-1975) was best known as an author of musicals, short stories and comic novels, particularly the Jeeves and Wooster series, but for two brief stints in the 1930s Wodehouse was one of Hollywood’s highest paid, although underutilized, screenwriters . MGM fired him for complaining to the LA Times that he was getting paid $2500 a week (think roughly $40,000 a week today) to perfect among other hobbies, his Australian Crawl.

He has few screenplay credits, however many of his novels, plays and short stories  have  been adapted to the screen.

3 years ago