Oz on theme

“[Death at a Funeral], although it’s about a funeral and it’s about a father, and it’s about blackmail. The story for me is about Daniel becoming the man his wife always thought he was. As a director, I’ve got to know what the story’s about. You [the audience] don’t have to know that, the fact that Daniel’s growth and the culmination of his actions at the end make him a man and he realizes that, is for me to know. But if it wasn’t there, if that emotional heartbeat wasn’t there, then I don’t believe the laughs would be quality laughs.”

— Frank Oz

Frank Oz (Director/Actor/Yoda)  Death at a Funeral, Bowfinger, Little Shop of Horrors (Screenwriter) The Muppets Take Manhattan

Frank Oz on The Colbert Report

Frank Oz Death at a Funeral Interview  (2:26)

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